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At Basketball Hoop Installation Guys, we offer basketball equipment and installation for both resident and commercial uses. Some of the other accessories include rims, glass backboards among other portable basketball systems. When it comes to installation, we provide hoop installation, assembly, repairs as well as removal services. Extra services include in-ground basketball installation for the rugged and intense basket ball games. All these services are provided by our highly qualified basketball hoop installers. The technicians have a deep understanding of basketball hoop installation and will therefore carry out such work with efficiency and effortlessness. Call us on 888-739-5150 and learn from our experts how you can enjoy the best services from the best basketball hoop installer in the industry.


Versatile hoop system

At Basketball Hoop Installation Guys, you will find a variety of ground basketball hoop system together with the in-ground basket ball installation. The variety of the hoops is aimed at enhancing your basketball experience. You can count on our experts to meet all your needs for basket ball installation services as and when you enquire for them. Talk to us and learn more.


Online basketball hoop installer service

Call us today on 888-739-5150 and benefit from our clearly explained videos how you can install the basketball hoops with ease. We have online videos that aid our clients who need to do the installation on their own. The support team is always online to make sure you are assisted where you need assistance. You can count on our experts to help you make the most out of basketball hoop installation. Beyond the online support, we carry out design, installation, repair and maintenance services so that you can make the most out of your investment. You can rest assured you wont lose a dime of your investment; instead, you will reap the most out of your time, effort and money. Call us today and learn more on how this basketball hoop installer will be of great help to you.

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A great service defines the values of a company. Has any of our personnel demonstrated untoward behavior in their undertaking like drunken behavior or rudeness? If this ever happens, you will be entitled to a free service.


The repair is carried out on the goal, imps glass backboards among others. This is because these parts may break or fail to function as expected. We have a warranty for all our repair work. Call us on 888-739-5150 and learn more on this.

Replacement install

Replacement services are provided where the basketball hoop installers realize the installed parts of the basketball are not fit for use. The installed parts may be inherently defective, failing to meet your needs. This replacement install service is provided for free especially because we cannot go back on our promise for quality installation. You can also request for a refund instead.

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